Interview with Hacker | Halted - Web Appstinence?

We will be presenting our talk at Hacker Halted 2010. Recently, we have been officially interviewed by the Hacker Halted crew about the nostalgia and reality of web application security game. The prime aim is to discuss the artifacts of ongoing realm of security in web application and browsers exploitation.

"Attackers are not exploiting the apps' vulnerabilities. They are exploiting our human vulnerability in allowing our apps to run our lives. Platform of choice? Our browsers. According to a poll by Harris Interactive, we, the adult internet users, spend an average of 13 hours online each week. This writer is online at minimum 16 hours a day. The internet is never more than a meter away from the writer at any time of the day or any place in the world (that has a connection!). Making him very vulnerable."

Read full interview : HERE | Hacker Halted


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